Discographie: May I Kiss Your Hand (1998)

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  1. Kéren Chave (fast version)
  2. Kaltotaszegi Legényes (in C minor)
  3. Medved na lancu
  4. Lulu-Valse
  5. Feljött a Nap/ Romanian Dance #3
  6. Nu Face Bine/ Romanian Hora (in B minor)
  7. Szerelem / Lörincreve (in A)
  8. Mori Shej, Sabina
  9. Gankino Horo
  10. Mysterieuse
  11. Anii Mei
  12. Dance from Gyimes
  13. Eddig Vendég
  14. Keserves/ Székelyföldy
  15. Kalotaszegi Legényes (in F)
  16. Cinege
  17. Szatmári/ Csókolom/ Szatmári
  18. Kéren Chave (slow version).
  19. Jánoska/ Szatmári
  20. Lörincreve in G


Kéren Chave
Dance from Gyimes


This band is exciting!
Led by accomplished, charismatic and daring fiddler Anti von Klewitz, Csókolom combines the traditions of Hungarian, Gypsy and Balkan village dance music to come up with unique yet traditional musical style. The band features a white-hot mix of two, and sometimes three, violins and a string bass along with Anti's energetic vocals...

(Aus Arhoolie's Katalog)

"From Transylvania out into the world ..."
by Michael Kleff

There was more than just one good reason to put Csókolom on the PROFOLK sampler CD "Prime Cuts 1998 - Folk, Song And World Music In Germany". And also to invite the German-Dutch band to travel with a group of musicians from Germany to showcase at the Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, Tennessee in February 1998. Their brilliant performance catapulted them into recording this CD in Memphis that same weekend. Congratulations.

Michael Kleff is president of PROFOLK, Association for Song,
Folk and World Music in Germany

"Let those who have ears hear ..."
by Nora Guthrie

It was a chilly night in Memphis, Tennessee. I had gone to one of the local clubs to hear the many bands that were showcasing that night as part of the opening of the annual Folk Alliance conference, a major folk music gathering. The bands played, all good, but it was late and I was getting tired. So was a lot of the audience, which was beginning to thin. Only a few diehards remained to get their fill of the exotic spectrum of musical talents being displayed.

Wearily, I sat down at a table with a beer with some friends, hoping to last through the evening. Then Anti von Klewitz and the members of Csókolom came on stage.... I could tell she was exhausted having just flown in from Germany a few hours before. She fussed with her shirt sleeves, fussed with her hat, fussed with her violin, and fussed with a microphone. She reminded me of a puppet, carefully attaching the right strings to all the right limbs. Then, with surprising focus, she dug her feet into the ground, rooted herself in just the right place, and began to play. And sing.

I remember the feeling that I was suddenly in another world. Everything happening around me seemed to disappear. The music I was hearing stunned me and deep feelings came whelming up. I didn't know what hit me. Involuntarily, I began to cry.

I looked around to see if anyone else was hearing what I was hearing. Some people were talking, others drinking, and some listening. With tears in my eyes, I had to laugh. The old adage, "let those who have ears hear" came to mind and I returned my attention to Csókolom and rested, entranced, in my own experience. Enchanted by a woman whose music gave voice to something so eternal and ancient, I listened as the young and the old, the new and the forever, collided and merged. The alchemy of musical genius.

After the set, I sat wondering if perhaps this extraordinary and rare experience had been given to me alone. Then I saw Chris Strachwitz, reputable founder of Arhoolie Records, running up the aisle towards us. Like a child on fire, he ranted on and on, seemingly unable to organize his feelings into sentences. Finally he was able to say, "I've got to record them!" Let those who have ears hear.... let those who have record companies record!

He immediately arranged to record Csókolom two days later at Sun Studio in Memphis, the same studio where Elvis Presley and other legends made their first recordings. It couldn't have been a more appropriate studio. I went along to the session and listened as Chris captured the magic of these musicians in this small and somewhat dingy, yet historic, studio. Our hearts soared as we danced and drank wine through the night, as we celebrated the shared joy of "discovering" Csókolom. I thank Anti, Sander and Gregor for taking the long flight to Memphis, going straight to the club without a break, and performing with such skill and soul, so that I could have the joy of hearing their brilliance.

Nora Guthrie runs the Woody Guthrie Foundation.


Aufnahmeorte und -datum:

Februar 1998 ist diese CD aufgenommen im Sun-Studio in Memphis, USA.