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Hungarian music

World music bands
  • Ancient Future
    "The internationally acclaimed world fusion music of Ancient Future is an exhilarating blend of exciting rhythms and exotic sounds from around the world."
  • Balkanarama
    "Why would otherwise normal Americans play Balkan dance music?"
  • Lulo Reinhardt Project
    Guitarist Lulo Reinhardt is guest musician on Csókolom´s CD "Dog Daze". Lulo is widely acclaimed as a guitarist and a composer.

record company
  • Arhoolie Records.
    Read Chris Strachwitz' stories and listen to his recordings!

Concerts 2023 / 2024
14.09.2024 Cultural Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia Hora Nova
10.09.2024 BAM Club, Belgrad, Serbia Hora Nova
28.07.2024 International Jazz Fest, Varna, Bulgaria Hora Nova
05.07.2024 Minifestival Stabesh÷he, Germany Who's Who
24.06.2024 Wilhelm 13, Oldenburg, Germany Csókolom
22.05.2024 Mutter Fourage, Berlin, Germany Csókolom
26.06.2024 Klosterkirche, Mariensee, Germany Csókolom
23.02.2024 Ulme 35, Berlin, Germany Hora Nova
27.01.2024 Alte Dorkirche Pankow, Berlin, Germany Csókolom
28.09.2023 Tempelhof Refugee Centre, Berlin, Germany Csókolom
16.07.2023 Alte Kirche Mochenwangen, Ravensburg, Germany Hora Nova
15.07.2023 Schwanen, Waiblingen, Germany Hora Nova
18.06.2023 Skt Pauli Kirche, Kopenhagen, Denmark Csókolom
24.05.2023 Meerbaumhaus, Berlin, Germany Csókolom
20.05.2023 Dorfkirche, Lindenberg (Priegnitz), Germany Csókolom
13.05.2023 Hudojestvena Galerie, Zheravna, Bulgaria Hora Nova
11.05.2023 ReBonkers, Varna, Bulgaria Hora Nova
05.05.2023 Swingin'Hall,Sofia, Bulgaria Hora Nova
19.04.2023 Intergalaktischer Kulturverein, Berlin, Germany Hora Nova
16.04.2023 Kapelle Metel, Neustadt am Rbge, Germany Hora Nova