band members

The musicians in Csókolom are
Anti von Klewitz- violin, vocals, arrangements
Sander Hoving- violin, kontra
Anneke Frankenberg- violin
Jens Piezunka- double-bass

They are all skilled in various styles; aside from Hungarian folkmusic, mainly Jazz, Gypsy-swing and Latin American music. The group is based both in Amsterdam and Berlin.

Anti von Klewitz is the musical leader of Csókolom. With her violin playing, singing and presentation she sets the tone for the group. Many of the compositions and arrangements are hers.
Anti is a violin player who masters a variety of musical styles. She is a singer and composer/arranger with a distinct, original approach, and has a real charisma as a performer. As a violin player she focuses on Eastern European music, tango and jazz improvisation.
Anti grew up in the former Yugoslavia. Her first violin lessons took place in the Zagreb (today the capital of Croatia). Her classical training lasted ten years. Jazz training followed, among others by Reginald Workman (John Coltrane's former bass player).
Anti has a yearlong experience playing traditional Hungarian music and was one of the first to introduce this music in Germany. She composed music for different dance companies and theatre productions. She plays and sings in "Csókolom", the Cuban-styled salsa band "Cha-Charanga", won an important German musical award (PROFOLK's "Deutscher Folkförderpreis") with her Berlin Balkan/jazz trio "Hora Colora", writes music for the well-known Berlin dance company "Tolada", performed in New York with American poet Donald Gardner, and is active in the German "Chamber Orchestra of Groove". Since 1991 she is living both in Amsterdam and Berlin.

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Sander Hoving is a jazz violin player who likes interesting combinations of musical styles. He is also a kontra (Hungarian chord-violin) player who developed his skills with different Hungarian and Romanian gypsy groups. He plays the violin Eastern European jazz quintet "Rhythm Futur" and leads the Cuban-stiled string sextet "Violatina". He works with dancers and poets, and has written music for theatre.
Anneke Frankenberg is an accomplished violin player in many different folk styles and classical music. She is successful with her own "Charivari-Trio" (Latin American, tango and Eastern European music) and the well-known mariachi group "Tierra Caliente". She has recorded CD's with both groups. She spends a lot of time giving workshops and teaching.
Jens Piezunka played cello as a kid, followed by classical guitar and singing, and a first acquaintance with Balkan-styled music. He graduated as a jazz bass player at Dutch and German conservatories, and followed courses afterwards with Renaud Garcia-Fonds, Gary Peacock and Lynn Seaton. CD's: with trio „Kali Gari" and „Iki Dynia" (Klezmer). Since 2001 he plays in the renowned German jazz string quartet „String Thing", and toured from Japan till Denmark. Jens joined Csókolom in 2004.

Foto's van Claude Vanheye, Amsterdam

Csókolom would like to thank her former bass player Gregor Schaefer for the relentless and loyal support he gave to the band during many years he was a member. Gregor, thanks a million!