press quotes

The Rough Guide/ World Music (edition 2000)
"...Wonderfully raw instrumental playing of Hungarian and Balkan dances, songs sung in Hungarian, Romanian and Romany... Some very unusual repertoire, well played and strongly recommended."

NRC-Handelsblad (Dutch national newspaper)
"... an exciting quartet, unique in the world."
(Performance Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam, 2000)

Dirty Linen (USA)
"This CD offers a generous feast of 20 tracks of furious, charismatic and inventive music...a coherent and enchanting release of 'world music', clearly rooted in tradition."

All-Music Guide (Michigan)
"Csokolom's sound has a more modern and varied feel than many similar such ensembles... CD-rating: 4 1/2 stars (out of five)."

OOR (main Dutch rock magazine)
"Csókolom play cunning Balkan-Folk, with a nice rough voice of Anti von Klewitz."

3rd Coast Music (Austin, Texas)
"...Anti von Klewitz is one of my all-time favorite fiddle players... Regardless of how you feel about Hungarian and Gypsy music, if you want to hear some killer playing, check this one out."

Express (California)
"The approach is rooted in Gypsy and Hungarian traditions but extended by sharp musical intelligence tempered with vision and humor, beyond which is a deep soulfulness that gives the music an edge that cuts like a knife."

NRC-Handelsblad (Dutch national newspaper)
"That 'authenticity' has more to do with artistic integrity than with 'origins' is proven by May I Kiss Your Hand of the string trio Csokolom. The evident need of Csokolom to, above all, communicate is decisive. [Their music sounds] often horribly intense."

Phyllis Barney (Executive Director of the North American Folk Alliance)
"Congratulations on the recording, it's absolutely wonderful! It was a great pleasure for me to remember that great night at the Daisy."

Frank Matheis (reviewer and folk-DJ at WKZE, NY)
"You could simply call it pure delight. This is hot music that jumps, kicks and swings... They may be rooted in Hungary, but Csókolom is instantly accessible to Americans of all heritage."

Michael Moll (FolkWorld)
"This is great stuff. If you like Eastern European or gipsy music, this one is a must!"

De Volkskrant (Dutch national newspaper)
"However passionate their playing is....the mayor asset of Csókolom are the vocals of Anti von Klewitz."

Mike Kamp, Folker! (music magazine, Germany)
"The freshness and directness of the playing are convincing. A CD to be enjoyed."

Rhein-Pfalz (newspaper, Germany)
"Songs of love and war played with ease. A contrast always intriguing...the musicians were in perfect communication"

Leipziger Volkszeitung (newspaper, Germany)
"Anti von Klewitz and Csókolom kept the audience spellbound till the last note"