short introduction to Csókolom

Csókolom: one violin/ vocals plus two violins and a double bass
Repertoire: Eastern European music, mainly Hungarian and Gipsy. Based in Europe (Amsterdam and Berlin)

What Csókolom is about:

  • Anti von Klewitz. She sings with a distinct and original voice, is a virtuoso violin player and writes arrangements that are new in the style. She sets the tone for the group.
  • Csókolom's music is accessible to a wide audience. The group has an eclectic and open-minded approach and has added varied musical ingredients. Since their music is still close to its source, Csókolom can create interest for the authentic music of groups with Eastern European roots.
  • The musicians can play. They are accomplished players of jazz, salsa, klezmer and Eastern European styles.
  • It is essentially dance music. There is a good strong groove. A gut stringed bass and the Transylvanian chord-fiddle, the 'kontra', provide the solid rhythmic foundation.
  • Chris Strachwitz from Arhoolie Records discovered Csókolom in Memphis in 1998. A recording session followed immediately (at Sun Studios). The group was recorded as a trio, a few previously recorded quartet tracks were added. Result: the CD "May I Kiss Your Hand" (Arhoolie 469, released November 1998).
  • The CD received excellent reviews, e.g.

    Dirty Linen, USA, June/July 1999:

    "This CD offers a generous feast of 20 tracks of furious, charismatic and inventive music... a coherent and enchanting release of 'world music', clearly rooted in tradition"

    The Rough Guide/ World Music, edition 2000 In the chapter 'Hungaria', Csókolom is the only non-Hungarian group, between such names as Muzsikás, Márta Sebestyén and Kálmán Balogh:

    "...Wonderfully raw instrumental playing of Hungarian and Balkan dances, songs sung in Hungarian, Romanian and Romany... Some very unusual repertoire, well played and strongly recommended."

Anti von Klewitz grew up (with her violin) in Zagreb, in the middle of Balkan music. She won the important German "Folk Förder Preis" in 1996. Comprehensive biography here. Photo here. Anti's own website.

Csókolom plays both as a trio and as a quartet. A small stage (3 x 4 meter, 9 x 12 ft) and amplification for an audience larger than 100 is required.


Prinseneiland 83
1013 LM  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 - (0)20 - 627 58 34
Fax: +31 - (0)20 - 420 27 69