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"...Wonderfully raw instrumental playing of Hungarian and Balkan dances, songs sung in Hungarian, Romanian and Romany... Some very unusual repertoire, well played and strongly recommended."

(from The Rough Guide/ World Music/ Vol. 1, 2nd edition)

Csókolom play Eastern European folk music with a gypsy flavor, in a traditional setting of three violins and a double-bass. Their distinctive sound has a more modern and varied feel than many similar such ensembles, due to the varied arrangements and the expressive, earthy vocals of singer Anti von Klewitz. They are based in Berlin but tour throughout the world. The group utilizes elements from jazz, gypsy swing, and even Afro-Cuban music in its compositions, and there is always room for spirited improvisation. Having one foot in jazz and classical and the other in diverse ethnic music the musicians can't help integrating other styles in their playing. Yet, still the ancient soul of the Hungarian dance hall is reborn and revitalized, also in the authentically performed original pieces.